Harvey Betts

Harvey Betts

Harvey is our primary instructor. Harvey's passion for firearms safety and training started at a very young age. He along with his Father, and Grandfather were/are combat veterans. Harvey is a retired Police Officer, a USMC Combat Veteran. Harvey is also highly trained in handgun, shotgun, less than lethal and many other self defense tactics. Currently certified by USCCA.


USMC- '88-'92

MCRD Paris Island, South Carolina.

United States Marine Corps, FMFLant. Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. Field Artillery. Sierra Battery, 5th Battalion, 10th Marines

  • Military Occupational Specialty of 0811

  • Artillery Operator

  • Deployments included: Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Southwest Asia, Iraq and Kuwait.

Weapons training

Colt .45 ACP, Beretta 9mm. Colt M16A2 / M203, SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) gunner. M2 50 Cal. Machine gun. MK19 grenade launcher. M109A2 155mm SP Howitzer, M198 155mm Howitzer. Glock 17 9mm, Glock 23 40cal. Remington 870 shotgun. Capture net. M26 Taser. Koga stick. Collapsible baton. Espantoon. Pepper spray, Ku baton. Canine.

Police Officer, Baltimore Police Department (Baltimore, MD.) – May 1993-June 2015

  • Assigned to various units including, Special Operations Section (K9), Headquarters Security, and Patrol in all districts of Baltimore City.

  • Awarded numerous citations and commendations for work performed above and beyond the normal duty requirements


Class of 1987 Walt Whitman HS.

  • Baltimore Police Department Academy

  • Marine Corps MOS School, Infantry and Artillery Training, Fort Sill, OK.

  • Marine Corps Boot Camp, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C.

Specialized Training

  • Emergency Medical

  • General Classroom Instructor – Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission

  • K9 Handler Training – Baltimore Police Department

  • Arrest and Control Instructor / Self Defense Instructor – (Koga) Baltimore Police Department

  • Arrest and Control Instructor / Self Defense Instructor – (Hicks) Baltimore Police Department

  • Intermediate Impact Weapons and Self Defense – Baltimore Police Department

  • Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor – NHTSA

  • Crowd Control Training – Baltimore Police Department

  • Shotgun and Less Lethal Shotgun Certification – Baltimore Police Department

  • LIDAR / RADAR – Baltimore County Police Department

  • Crowd control / riot training

  • Senior - Field training Officer (over 30).

Licensed Private Detective, Self-employed (Maryland) – July 2015-August 2018

Combat Veteran Owned