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Home Security Superstore

Today, we are faced with personal security challenges like we’ve never seen before. Home invasions, personal assaults, and robberies are on the rise. You need to be prepared to defend yourself. The Home Security Superstore is the company you can trust to provide top-quality, non-lethal self defense products.

Sabre Products

BDT is a proud affiliate of "Sabre" click the link above for more info and to purchase products.


"The StopBox features a unique Hand Gesture Code Lock that ensures your firearm is safe and accessible in any situation."

B-27 target $1.50 each or 4 for $5.00

Range Targets

Qualification / Dot madness

Dot Torture Target - $1.25 each


Retail 129.00 (6/23)
Solid Black - $80.00
Topographic - $90.00
Carbon Fiber - $90.00

Betts Defense Training Merchandise


Polo Shirts

Notebook and Pen

Combat Veteran Owned